Dark Avengers (2010) Iss 13A Very Fine +

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CONDITION: Very Fine +

Dark Avengers (2010) Iss 13A

Creators: Brian Michael Bendis, Mike Deodato Jr.

Plot: The history of the Sentry has never been clear, but now one person knows the truth. He confessed his sins to Lindy Reynolds, and told her the true origin of The Sentry. He wasn't a kid who stumbled onto a secret formula - he was a junkie trying to rob a laboratory for drugs. Drinking an untested serum gave him immense power, and killed almost everyone in the immediate area. But Rob found a new addiction. He became addicted to the power of The Sentry. But despite all the good he's tried to do, he's had no impact. Now, in the wake of Lindy's attempt on his life, he's listening to the darker part of himself - the part he's called The Void.