Tales Of The Teen Titans (1985) Iss 58 Fine

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Tales Of The Teen Titans (1985) Iss 58

Creators: Marv Wolfman, Chuck Patton, Romeo Tanghal

Plot: The Fearsome Five appear on the New York waterfront to lay claim to the city, only to be confronted by the police and the Teen Titans. Starfire’s opening blast throws Psimon into the Hudson River, from which he does not resurface. The other super-powered criminals, particularly te revived Neutron, prove harder to subdue, and a pitched battle ensues. Meanwhile, Psimon finds himself teleported aboard the orbiting satellite of the Monitor, who enlists him in his efforts to stop the destruction of the multiverse, (See Crisis on Infinite Earths), while Victor Stone undergoes surgery to transform him back into Cyborg inorder to save his life. Nightwing, Wonder Girl, Changeling, and Starfireare defeated, leaving only Jericho to fight the Fearsome Five. He possesses the members one-by-one, forcing them to battle each other, until the Titans have time to recover. By this time, Gizmo and Jinx are unconscious, and Shimmer has been possessed by Jericho. Starfire matches power-blasts with Neutron, while Wonder Girl hurls Mammoth high into the air with her lasso, then drops him directly onto the nuclear villain, which knocks out both criminals. The titans then visit a recuperating Cyborg in the hospital, after which Jericho is made an official member of the team at the Titans Tower.