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Transformers (1985) Iss 6

Creators: Bob Budiansky, Alan Kupperberg

Plot: Shockwave's plans for Decepticon dominance continue, as he seizes control of the world's most technologically advanced Oil platform. With built in refining capabilities, this platform can be used as a base not only to refuel the Decepticons, but also to launch attacks on the West Coast of the United States. But not everyone is eager for Shockwave's plans to succeed. Tired of paying lip service to Shockwave, Megatron decides that the time has come to put him back in his place. The battle between the two Decepticon titans spills out of the Ark, and into the towns surrounding Mt. St. Hillary. As this duel distracts the Decepticons, they fail to notice Optimus Prime's gambit to hide the Matrix of Creation from the Decepticons, putting it into a place no Transformer would ever think to look.