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Silver Age: Showcase (2000) Iss 1

Creators: Geoff Johns, Dick Giordano

Plot: Thanks to Green Lantern, the Justice League has reverted to their original bodies. But the Injustice League is still ahead of the game, for it has acquired the Kryptonian jewel and now needs only the absorbascon to build Agamemno's weapon. With the real Justice League feared worldwide, Deadman assembles the Seven Soldiers of Victory: Batgirl, Metamorpho, Shining Knight, Blackhawk, Adam Strange, Mento and himself. They must get to Rann and warn the High Mor! The Zeta Beam takes them, and they are able to turn the tide against the powerful Injustice League of America by using teamwork. Luthor and Chronos assemble the weapon behind a barrier Faust creates. Agamemno tries to acquire his body, and dies! He's torn to atoms because Luthor substituted an ordinary diamond for the Kryptonian jewel. Now, with the proper fragment in place, there's nothing to prevent the Injustice League from conquering the galaxy, since they have all the secrets of Earth. All of them. But the Seven Soldiers aren't out of it, yet. They'll keep fighting...