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Photo of Black Widow, Vol. 7 (2016)  Iss 7A   Comic sold by Stronghold Collectibles

Black Widow, Vol. 7 (2016) Iss 7A


Black Widow, Vol. 7 (2016) Iss 7A Regular Chris Samnee Cover

Creators: Chris Samnee, Mark Waid

Plot: "LION TAMER" STARTS NOW! •  Now that Natasha knows the Weeping Lion's secret, she's in control of his very particular set of skills. •  Natasha plans to use him to destroy the Red Room's reincarnation, the DARK ROOM. •  But she'll have to face RECLUSE, the daughter of the Red Room's headmistress, who's fixated on killing Natasha to prove her worth. Rated T+

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