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Photo of Batman Beyond, Vol. 6 (2017)  Iss 12A Near Mint  Comic sold by Stronghold Collectibles

Batman Beyond, Vol. 6 (2017) Iss 12A Near Mint


Batman Beyond, Vol. 6 (2017) Iss 12A Regular Bernard Chang Cover

Creators: Steve Orlando, Vita Ayala, Dexter Vines

Plot: In a special issue by the guest team of writers Steve Orlando and Vita Ayala and artist Siya Oum, Batman and Bruce Wayne are away-so who's left to protect Neo-Gotham? Enter Nissa, the seldom seen 15-year-old Batgirl of the future! Crime and corruption lead Commissioner Barbara Gordon to the lawless neighborhood of Crown Point where she soon finds herself under siege. Can this young, self-made caped crusader save Gordon without the resources of Batman?

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