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Photo of Superman / Batman (2004)  Iss 9 Near Mint  Comic sold by Stronghold Collectibles

Superman / Batman (2004) Iss 9 Near Mint


Superman / Batman (2004) Iss 9

Creators: Jeph Loeb, Michael Turner

Plot: Batman and Superman experience very different reactions to Kara Zor-El's arrival on Earth. Superman sees it as the story of the meeting of the last two members of a family, against cosmic odds. Batman views it as a detective tale, looking for flaws in Kara's story. But after weeks of isolation, Superman decides that it's time to introduce Kara to her new world.Batman shadows the pair from a distance, as Clark Kent shows Kara around the streets of Metropolis. But as they stand before the memorial that was erected when Superman died, they fall under attack by some very surprising people.

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