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Photo of Superman / Batman (2004)  Iss 8B Near Mint  Comic sold by Stronghold Collectibles

Superman / Batman (2004) Iss 8B Near Mint


Superman / Batman (2004) Iss 8B Variant Sketch Cover

Creators: Jeph Loeb, Michael Turner

Plot: The kryptonite meteor threatening the Earth has been destroyed, but the fallout isn't over. The destruction of the meteor has rained all kinds kryptonite down all over the globe. The Justice League, Justice Society, Outsiders and Teen Titans are all busy trying to gather as much of the kryptonite as they can, while Superman stays quarantined in his arctic Fortress of Solitude.As Batman combs the bottom of Gotham's bay for kryptonite, he finds a discarded spacecraft of apparently Kryptonian origin that was apparently embedded within the meteor when it was destroyed. This discovery leads to the pursuit of a young girl exhibiting super strength, speed, heat vision and even flight. Could this girl be from Krypton?

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