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Deathlok, Vol. 1 (1990) Iss 3

Creators: Denys Cowan, Rick Magyar

Plot: Created by the Roxxon Corporation to be the perfect killing machine for hire, a multi-million dollar cyborg has instead become the private hell of the man once known as Michael Collins, the man whose consciousness is not imprisoned within it. Now free from the control of his coporate masters, Collins takes a high-risk journey to South America, where he attempts to prevent Roxxon from completing its latest profit-making venture: The extermination of an Indian village and the razing of the rainforest. And if he survives, an even greater challenge awaits - - - one in which his soul will be the prize in a game that pits him against the man who made him the monster he is today . . . the man who created - - Deathlok!