Man Of Steel, Vol. 1 (1986) Iss 6A

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Man Of Steel, Vol. 1 (1986) Iss 6A Limited Series

Creators: John Byrne, Dick Giordano

Plot: In need of a rest, Clark returns to Smallville Kansas to see his parents. While there, he's visited by the image of a strange man reaching out to him, and speaking in a language he's never heard. Frightened by the images this being puts into his head, Clark flees his parents' house, and runs into Lana Lang, his high school sweetheart. She's the only person besides his parents that he ever shared his special gifts with. After catching up for the first time in ten years, Clark flies to the field where his parents hid the rocket he arrived in, hoping to find some answers about his heritage there. To his surprise, he finds that it isn't there anymore... someone has removed it.While there, he is once again visited by the image of a stranger, who addresses him as his son.