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Photo of Teen Titans, Vol. 3 (2005)  Iss 21 Near Mint  Comic sold by Stronghold Collectibles

Teen Titans, Vol. 3 (2005) Iss 21 Near Mint


Teen Titans, Vol. 3 (2005) Iss 21

Creators: Geoff Johns, Mike McKone, Marlo Alquiza

Plot: Speedy - Mia Dearden - joins the Titans, with some trepidation. That becomes worse after she misinterprets a training exercise and injures Cyborg. But the Titans understand. Then they get a communication from Dr. Light. They used to manhandle him with little difficulty, but something has changed and now he's dangerous. And he has Green Arrow, and wants to face the Titans - he wants revenge for past humiliations. Anyone else shows up and Green Arrow dies. So the Titans board their T-Jet and head for a deadly rendezvous with a very different man.

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