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CONDITION: Near Mint -

Man Of Steel, Vol. 1 (1986) Iss 1B John Byrne "Collector's Edition" Variant

Creators: John Byrne, Dick Giordano

Plot: The planet Krypton is a very different place than the Earth we know and love. It's society is cold, emotionless and dispassionate, seeking total control over the planet it inhabits. That total control cost Kryptonian civilization dearly as a chain reaction at the planet's core treatened all life on the face of the planet. The first danger came as the pressure fused elements into a new radioactive metal which set off a wave of sicknesses. But the second, and more utterly fatal was the detonation of the planet.This is why Jor-El chose to take the Gestation Matrix containing his son, the young Kal-El from the Gestation Chambers, and attach it to a rocket that would carry it far to another world. A primitive, and untamed planet orbiting a yellow star that would grant Kal-El abilities beyond those of mortal men... the planet Earth.Clark Kent grew up in Kansas unsuspecting of his true origin until he was eighteen years old. When he learned that he was not of this world, he decided to try to use his powers and abilities to help those in need. But what happens when a crowd witnesses one of his rescues?