New Mutants, Vol. 1 Annual (1988) Iss 4 Very Fine +

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CONDITION: Very Fine +

New Mutants, Vol. 1 Annual (1988) Iss 4

Creators: Mark Gruenwald, Louise Simonson-Jones, June Brigman


Mind Games - The High Evolutionary finds Amara, and captures her in an effort to steal her powers. The Hellfire Club finds out and notifies Magneto. When the New Mutants overhear, the beat the Hellfire Club to the site and rescue their friend, but not before Mirage's powers get drastically changed, as well.

If Wishes Were Horses - Dani is still getting adjusted to her newfound powers.

Blood Drawn, Blood Spilt - Young Jessica Drew and Phillip Masters are playing in radioactive clay when Jessica collapses. Her only hope for survival is in an experimental procedure, but her mother hates that they are now in this position and leaves, only to be visciously killed later.