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New Titans (1994) Iss 108

Creators: Marv Wolfman, Bill Jaaska

Plot: The team returns to earth and reacts to Vic Stone’s final fate with Technis. Nlghtwing tries to help Starfire cope with the devastating emotional fallout of Raven’s savage attack. Starfire visits the now-insane Elizabeth Alderman in Nordling Asylum, and Alderman unnerves Kory with details about the Trigon seed growing inside of her. Alderman later reveals to Evil Raven that the Titans have returned to earth. On the positive side, public opinion on the Titans seems to be improving. Arsenal meets with Sarge Steel and then Lex Luthor in helping to prepare the Titans for a new start under government funding. A distrught Starfire travels to South America and begins the Tamaranean ritual called Kynasf’rr.