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New Titans (1994) Iss 110

Creators: Marv Wolfman, Bill Jaaska, Dave Simons

Plot: Dick Grayson travels through the Amazon and eventually locates Starfire, whose demeanor startles Dick. At Checkmate headquarters, Sarge Steel briefs Arsenal, Flash, Red Star, and Changeling on an enironmental terrorist names Terraizer. The terrorist has launched a satellite from Zandia and means to hold the world hostage in an effort to stop toxic pollution. The Titans secure an experimental rocket from Lex Luthor for transportation and head into space. Meanwhile, Pantha tracks down the woman she believes is responsible for the actual experiment that created her. She is gone, having been ‘paid off’ by someone. Pantha confronts Steve Dayton. Dayton confirms that he sent the woman away and asserts that he won’t tolerate anyone investigating his work. When Pantha pushes the issue, Dayton uses an energy blast from his hand to repel her attack. From Dayton, we learn that the mysterious woman was his Chief Genetic Researcher on Project Hybrid, a project he cancelled after he saw how dangerous it was. Dayton insists that she must’ve taken her research to the Wildebeests, and they created Pantha, not him. Pantha wonders why, if he’s telling the truth, why would he work so hard to keep her and the woman apart ? Back in the Amazon, Dick reaches out to Starfire, who does not remember him. Starfire the flies into space to try to stop the satellite,