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New Titans (1994) Iss 112

Creators: Marv Wolfman, Rick Mays, Will Blyberg

Plot: Red Star, Pantha, Baby Wildebeest, and Changeling remain on USS Argus Satellite while Arsenal and Aqualad fly back to Earth with the terrorists in custody. On earth, Sarge Steel makes an offer to Arsenal, Flash, and Aqualad: If the Titans work for the government, they will in turn help the Titans get rid of all the lawsuits against them. After some consideration, Arsenal accepts Steel’s offer with the following terms: they keep the satellite, they choose their missions, and they get their own teleporter. Steel reluctantly agrees to this. Meanwhile, on USS Argus, Starfire has trouble remembering her life after undergoing her warrior ritual. A kiss from Red Star restores her memories, and she examines the past few months of her life. Starfire believes that perhaps it’s for the best that she did not marry Dick Grayson, and tells Red Star he need not mourn his dead fiancee any longer. Meanwhile, at Nordling Asylum, it is revealed Liz Alderman has died, her mortal body rejecting the powerful Trigon seed. Evil Raven vows to implant the Trigon seeds in the meta-human Titans as hosts.