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Photo of New Teen Titans, Vol. 1 (1983)  Iss 29 Very Fine  Comic sold by Stronghold Collectibles

New Teen Titans, Vol. 1 (1983) Iss 29 Very Fine


New Teen Titans, Vol. 1 (1983) Iss 29 First Printing

Creators: Marv Wolfman, George Pérez, Romeo Tanghal

Plot: The conflict between the forces of Brother Blood and the Brotherhood of Evil continues, even as the Brotherhood makes its way to New York to kidnap Raven, whom they believe possesses knowledge that will enable them to overcome Blood. Back at Titans HQ, Dick grows more and more edgy as he inwardly attempts to come to terms with his identity as Robin, which in turn worries both Kory and Donna. Wally and Raven talk over their abortive relationship. Changeling continues his efforts to rehabilitate Terra, and all of these developments are watched with amused detachment by the visiting Speedy. While Robin and Starfire go to visit Adrian Chase, who has a lead on Brother Blood, Frances Kane, again in possession of her unwanted magnetic powers, comes to Titans Tower to see Kid Flash. When the Brotherhood of Evil attacks, Speedy and Frances manage to stop them, but not before Phobia causes Raven to mistakenly attack and almost kill Kid Flash. Raven leaves the Titans because she cannot handle Kid Flash’s hatred.

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