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New Titans (1993) Iss 101

Creators: Marv Wolfman, Al Vey

Plot: After Evil Raven’s savage attack on Starfire, she is taken to the hospital. Starfire’s rage and power surges are eventually calmed by Phantasm. Elizabeth Alderman makes her bid for mayor and denounces the Titans publicly once again. Roy Harper’s government connections reveal that restrictions on super-hero activities may continue, and suggests considering Sarge Steel’s offer for funding the Titans under goverment control. This leads to a heated confrontation between Roy and Dick Grayson, who opposes the Titans under the government’s watchful eye. When Changeling tries to stop a group of petty thieves, he realizes exposure to the Mento helmet has changed him, and he can only transform into demonic and horrific creatures. Even more horrifying, he discovers he enjoys it.