Damage, Vol. 1 (1994) Issue 1

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Damage, Vol. 1 (1994) Issue 1

Title: Ashes

Creators: Tom Joyner, Gerald Sanchez, Bill Marimon

What would you do if you were a 16-year-old who suddenly found yourself charged with power you had no idea how to control? That's the question facing Grant Emerson as DAMAGE explodes into the DC Universe. Damage is a reluctant young hero possessing devastating power beyond his wildest imaginings - a teenager capable of totalling a car with one punch, or leveling buildings for blocks around. But how he acquired these powers is a disturbing mystery. Now Damage is on a desperate search for the truth behind his mysterious origins. The clues suggest Damage's real parents may be among the greatest heroes in the DC Universe, and his quest to learn the truth will be a major theme in the early issues of the series, ultimately leading to a shocking revelation. And if that's not enough, after Damage's powers first surface, Superman's old adversary, the giant cyborg Metallo, appears on the scene to test the youth's powers! Metallo has been sent by a mysterious mastermind with a sinister interest in what Grant Emerson has become.Â