52 (2006) Issue 15

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52 (2006) Issue 15

Title: Outshined / The Origin of Steel

Creators: Greg Rucka, Geoff Johns, Mark Waid

Life has not been kind to Booster Gold since he was revealed to have staged crimes so that he could show up and foil them. His sponsors are dropping him, and the citizens of Metropolis have lost all faith in him. Unwilling to settle for making a fresh start stopping street-level crimes and desperate to upstage Supernova, the new hero in town, he hurls himself headlong into battle against a massive sea-creature in midtown. But has he bitten off more than he can chew? Meanwhile, Renee and Charlie have been on the receiving end of several Khandaq 'interrogations'. The Khandaq authorities want them to confess to being responsible for the murder scene Abbot left for them last week. Fearing that they can't hold out much longer in these conditions, the two attempt an escape.