Annihilation: Conquest (2008) Issue 1 - Very Fine +

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CONDITION: Very Fine +

Annihilation: Conquest (2008) Issue 1

Title: No Way Out

Creators: Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Tom Raney

The Phalanx invasion of Kree space has suffered a few drawbacks lately. Wraith, aided by the Kree resistance put a stop to their plans to use the Supreme Intelligence as a weapon to ensure Kree loyalty. And Quasar, aided by Moondragon was able to defeat the Super-Adaptoid and awaken the sleeping Adam Warlock, who the spirit of the Supreme Intelligence believes will be the savior of the Kree people. These failures have forced the one being responsible for the Phalanx's attack on Kree space to once again take a corporeal form to act.