Genext United (2009) Trade Paperback

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Genext United (2009) Trade Paperback

Creators: Chris Claremont, Jonboy Meyers

Written by CHRIS CLAREMONT Penciled by JONBOY MEYERS Cover by ALEX GARNER The newest generation of X-Men returns! In a world where the years passed in real-time for the X-Men since their foundation, the newest crop of students at Xavier's are the children and grandchildren of the heroes we know. But with all the trouble Becka Monroe, Pavel Rasputin, Olivier Raven and company got into last time, they're not sure they want to go back to school. With Professor Henry 'Beast' McCoy watching over them, GeNEXT is striking out on their own! Collecting GENEXT: UNITED #1-5. 120 PGS./Rated AÂ