Deathmate (1993) Issue 5A Very Fine/Near Mint

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CONDITION: Very Fine/Near Mint

Deathmate (1993) Issue 5A Cvr A Red Cover Var Liefield | Miki

Title: Red

Creators: Rob Liefeld, Eric Stephenson, Anthony Winn

Cover by Rob Liefeld & Danny Miki. Written by Rob Liefeld and Eric Stephenson. Art by Rob Liefeld, Jeff Matsuda, Marat Mychaels, Richard Horie, Dan Fraga, Cedric Nocon, Marc Pacella, Anthony Winn, Danny Miki, Jonathan Sibal and Marlo Alquiza. Youngblood/Bloodshot. Featuring two Deathmate tales. Prophet enters into a deadly alliance with Chapel and Gilad the Eternal Warrior as they form a strike force to oppose Youngblood and their newest member -- Bloodshot! Guest starring a virtual who's who of characters from both the Image and Valiant universes! 56 pages, full color.