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Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust? (2008) Issue 1B Wizard World Exclusive Edition

Title: Captain Marvel: Farewell

Creators: Brian Reed, Lee Weeks

"Captain Marvel: Farewell" - In this vignette, Captain Marvel's path from the end of his own miniseries to the start of "Secret Invasion #1" is revealed, as are his motives and targets. It's not what one might expect. "Agent Brand: In Plain Sight" - In the time between "Secret Invasion" issues 1 and 4, Agent Brand has time to think and reflect. She puts together clues in retrospect, realizes what she'd missed, and goes into action. "Wonder Man and Beast: Seems Like Old Times" - When the T-Rex attacked in "Secret Invasion #2," Beast and one of the Wonder Men ended up underground in a cavern, unsure if they could trust each other, but depending on each other to navigate to safety. "Marvel Boy: Master Of The Cube" - This details the time between Noh-Varr's appearance in the "Civil War: Young Avengers and Runaways" miniseries and "Secret Invasion #1." Noh-Varr is running the Cube, but the Skrulls have infiltrated. "Agents of Atlas: The Resistance" - The Agents of Atlas realize that they are outpowered and outgunned. They fight back as Skrulls would, with planning and subterfuge in place of brash action.