Firefly: Brand New Verse (2021) Iss 1A Near Mint (New Characters Introduced)

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Key: New Characters Introduced

Firefly: Brand New Verse (2021) Iss 1A

Creators: Josh Lee Gordon, Fabiana Mascolo

Plot: Set 20 years after the events of Firefly, Serenity soars the 'Verse once again with a new captain - Emma, the daughter of Wash and Zo ! The old crew of Serenity has gone their own way and now Emma is working to prove herself to Zo , alongside a new crew of castaways and misfits just trying to stay afloat.   But when Serenity takes a job from a familiar face, they discover that their new, living, breathing cargo    is far more than they bargained for...and might bring them into conflict with Alliance once again! Josh Lee Gordon (Firefly: Bad Company) and Fabiana Mascolo (Yasmeen)  begin a new era for Joss Whedon's Firefly with First Appearances of an all new cast, new adventures and shocking new surprises!