Power Man (1974) Iss 20 Very Good

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Power Man (1974) Iss 20

Creators: Tony Isabella, George Tuska, Vince Colletta

Plot: Crime boss Morgan has caught Luke stealing his heroin! But Luke proves too tough for Morgan's men, and uses Morgan himself as a hostage to escape with the drugs. Luke then returns to Cottonmouth with these, and while the gang marvels at their fortune, Luke attacks! Luke demands Cottonmouth give him records he needs to prove his innocence - but Cottonmouth cannot do so. It seems Mr. Slick had a perfect memory and functioned as a "living ledger". And during he fight, Mr. Slick fell to his death from a window! Without him, Cottonmouth can offer Luke nothing. Another means of proving his innocence denied him, Luke beats Cottonmouth unconscious and leaves him for the law.