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Secret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man (2008) Issue 1

Title: Brand New Secret Invasion

Creators: Brian Reed, Marco Santucci, Mark Pennington

Jackpot has been having bad luck lately. First, she does an incredible amount of research to make sure she'll catch Arthur Declun in an undeniably criminal act, only to find that the business transaction she interrupts appears to be legitimate. Then, the DB! gets wind of it, and prints a rather libelous story about her. She and her S.R.A. Union rep head to the DB! to sort things out, when her rep overreacts, and Skrulls attack the city. Finally, it appears that support arrives in the form of Spider-Man, but Jackpot soon learns that the thing with Spider-Man's form is not the hero she knows. All in all, not the best of days.