Justice Society of America V3 (2008) #12A NM Alex Ross

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Justice Society of America, Vol. 3 (2008) Issue 12A Alex Ross Regular Cover

Title: Part 3: New Recruits

Creators: Geoff Johns, Alex Ross, Dale Eaglesham

Pleased with the success of their new recruits to the Justice Society, the original members decide to seek out more legacy recruits to bolster their numbers. Superman and Power Girl travel to New Orleans to meet with the grandson of the original Amazing-Man. Stargirl, Cyclone and Mr. Terrific visit the home of Jefferson Pierce, also known as Black Lightning to discuss his daughter. And Hawkman, Flash and Green Lantern journey to Afghanistan to meet a very important member of the Justice Society's legacy.But sinister forces continue to move. Another group of self-styled demigods is discovered dead, and the new Mr. America struggles to reach the Justice Society in better shape than his predecessor did.