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Hulk, Vol. 1 (2008) Issue 6B Green Hulk Variant Cover

Title: Blood Red / Hulk Zoo

Creators: Jeph Loeb, Audrey Loeb, Chris Giarrusso

Blood Red - Iron Man's team holds San Fransisco together while A-Bomb and the Hulk pursue the Red Hulk. The Hulks go at it while A-Bomb and Thor stand on the sidelines, knowing this must be Hulk's battle. The behemoths duke it out, with green Hulk eventually winning. Rick knows who the Red Hulk is, but Doc Samson puts him down before he can reveal it. The Red Hulk awakens to see Samson and Ross staring down at him, berating him for squandering the power they have given him. From now on, the Red Hulk is on his own.

Hulk Zoo - The Green Hulk feels bad for zoo animals in cages, but setting them free doesn't go as planned.