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Justice Society Of America, Vol. 3 (2007) Iss 7A Alex Ross Regular Cover

Creators: Geoff Johns, Dale Eaglesham, Ruy José

Plot: Nathan Heywood wakes in the Justice Society's medical centre in the throes of an hallucination and trashes the place before Dr Mid-Nite calms him down. Mid-Nite tells him that he is not the only survivor from the Fourth Reich's attack in issue #3 but, due to the effect of Reichsmark's liquid/metallic blood that Heywood was covered in, he cannot see them due to his immense strength and lack of control.Starman is visited at his asylum by Superman who wants to talk about the recent adventure with the Legion.At the JSA headquarters, Heywood is covered in a metallic alloy that will force him to exert his huge strength to bend it, thus effectively cutting his strength in half and allowing him some control. However, the alloy forms a uniform based on his grandfather's, Commander Steel, which he resents. His protests are cut short by Power Girl who arrives with news that a neo-Nazi group, sympathetic to the Fourth Reich, are holding children hostage.Superman speaks with Starman but his words are almost nonsensical due to his mental state and Superman has to admit he diesn't understand him.In New York, the JSA attack the neo-Nazi's giving Heywood a chance to prove himself. He's approached by a news crew and disputes their claims that he is a new Commander Steel. Instead, Power Girl christens him Citizen Steel.In greater control of his strength, Heywood visits the survivors of the attack on his family.