Justice Society Of America, Vol. 3 (2007) Iss 10A Near Mint -

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CONDITION: Near Mint -

Justice Society Of America, Vol. 3 (2007) Iss 10A Alex Ross Regular Cover

Creators: Geoff Johns, Alex Ross, Dale Eaglesham

Plot: Having arrived on Earth through a black hole, the Justice Society have taken the Earth-22 Superman to their headquarters where they try to find out who he is. Starman claims to know him from his time on Earth-22 though the others are skeptical. Eventually they leave him on his own but unknown to them, Obsidian remains in the room and speaks with Superman. Dr Mid-Nite and Mr. Terrific, meanwhile, investigate the building where Goth was killed and Superman arrived but as Mid-Nite coughs up black smoke, they both miss the letters GO written on a beam. Speaking with Obsidian, Superman abruptly ends the conversation, breaks out of the room and retrieves his uniform. The Justice Society attempt to stop him leaving but are unable to do so. Following him, though, they find he had only broken free in order to save a young girl who was committing suicide. After the rescue was captured by the media, Batman watches and holds the kryptonite ring given him by Superman; the two Flashes plan to travel across the multiverse to Earth-22; Power Girl leaves and sits before the grave of her cousin from Earth-Two; the Justice League arrive to meet with Superman; and Chroma is killed by someone who calls himself a god.