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ALPHA DOGS features BUCK, a dog with the power to heal from most any wound, along with a heightened intelligence and strength. Although feared by the public due to his breed and size, Buck is determined to protect his loved ones along with humans and animals in danger. 

Buck, along with his owner INA and a grumpy old pit bull who shares in Buck's powers have spent most of their lives on the run from BLACK ROCK, a cabal of mercenaries obsessed with exploiting the dogs abilities. 

Living a secretive life has left Ina incredibly lonely. After being seduced by SALEM, a handsome fellow bio-engineer, she reveals the dogs' secret. However, Salem not only knows of the dogs abilities but he has developed a serum that, after collecting a sample of the dogs' blood he has now created his own dogs with incredible powers. 

By purchasing Alpha Dogs volume one graphic novel you will receive the first four issues of Alpha Dogs which completes the first story arc. You will also receive an all-new bonus story! Included with the graphic novel are character designs and unseen drawings and sketches!