Thundercats Hammerhands Revenge Iss 1 (of 5) - NM

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Written by Fiona Avery;
ART by Carlos D'Anda; covers by D'Anda and Carlos Meglia
In stores October 15. A new take on the 'Cats by the hot creative team of Fiona Avery (Tomb Raider, Witchblade) and Carlos D'Anda (ROBOTECH, BRASS)! The Berserkers, once defeated by the Thundercats, have returned - and they want vengeance! They capture Thundercats ally Hachiman, the powerful Samurai warrior, and hold him for ransom. But when the Thundercats get involved, it turns out that this is exactly what Hammerhand, leader of the Berserkers, was hoping for! For more information, see the feature article
FC, 32 pg. (1 of 5)