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Photo of Star Wars Doctor Aphra (21) 7C  Sway Var Comic sold by Stronghold Collectibles

Star Wars Doctor Aphra (2021) Iss 7C (2nd Print) Sway Var Near Mint


Star Wars Doctor Aphra (2021) Iss 7C Sway Var

FOC Date: 02/01/2021 / In-Store Date: 02/24/2021

Creators: (W)Alyssa Wong (A)Minkyu Jung (CA)Sway

THE OFFER! • Hired by DOMINA TAGGE, APHRA sets her sights on a mysterious piece of tech that could shift the balance of the galactic civil war. • Her hunt takes her to CORELLIA... and to SANA STARROS' doorstep! • But Aphra's not the only one on Corellia with an eye on the tech...!

Rating: T - TEEN

SKU: DEC208828